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Top 5 articles regarding green architecture in 2011

By Rob Aid
2 January 2012

top-5-2011-green-architectureDue to larger coverage of that niche, we introduced a new category that contains all our news and articles about sustainable architectural achievements and technologies used to accomplish them. In this year’s articles about green architecture we covered completed projects that showcase efforts to reduce carbon emissions and save resources, and we published a few… »


Green architecture – UC Irvine Humanities Gateway building

By Damir Beciri
One Comment25 December 2011

uc-irvine-humanities-gateway-building-1UC Irvine Humanities Gateway building has been awarded LEED Platinum certification for its sustainability, scoring 5 points above the minimum requirement for that status by earning 57 points (out of a possible 69 points). Supporting the School’s endeavor to encourage global citizenship in its students, the building provides an inspiring example for students, architects and… »


Green architecture – BedZED eco-community

By Sonja Raca
4 Comments17 December 2011

bedzed-1Energy efficiency and renewable energies are becoming an important fact in architecture today. Since new and more affordable technologies emerge, solar harnessed electric energy and heating, as well as passive and active systems of heating and cooling are becoming more widely spread. This way of ecological living is practiced by BedZED – an environmentally friendly… »


Green architecture – Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation campus

By Damir Beciri
2 Comments9 October 2011

bill-and-melinda-gates-foundation-building-1Completed in the spring of 2011, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation campus is located in downtown Seattle across the street from the Space Needle. It has been recently awarded with LEED-NC (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design for New Construction) Platinum certification – making it the largest, non-profit LEED-NC Platinum building in the world…. »


Tvilight street lighting system saves up to 80% on energy and lessens pollution

By Damir Beciri
6 Comments15 July 2011

tu-delft-tvilightDelft University of Technology (TU Delft) is currently testing an intelligent street lighting system on their campus. Compared with the street-lighting system in use, the proposed intelligent system can reduce energy consumption and CO2 emission by up to 80%, it is cheaper and easier to maintain, and it could lessen the problem of light pollution… »


Microchannel heat exchangers improve thermally activated cooling systems

By Damir Beciri
13 June 2011

osu-microchannel-heat-exchangersEngineers at Oregon State University (OSU) have made a major step toward addressing one of the leading problems in energy use  around the world today – the waste of half or more of the energy produced by cars, factories and power plants. They have built a prototype which captures and uses the low-to-medium grade waste… »


Green architecture – HGTV Green Home 2011

By Damir Beciri
3 Comments8 April 2011

hgtv-green-home-2011-frontHGTV Green Home 2011 recently received both Platinum LEED certification and Energy Star certification which acknowledges its energy efficiency. With approximately 2400 square feet of finished space, the home meets rigorous standards for sustainable site development, water conservation, energy efficiency, materials selection, indoor environmental quality, proximity to transit and existing infrastructure and innovative design. HGTV… »

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Green architecture – Frontier Project

By Damir Beciri
14 September 2010

the-frontier-project-1Located in Rancho Cucamonga, California, the Frontier Project displays and utilizes sustainable innovations for Southern California living and working environments. Designed by HMC Architects, the building is a 1,300-square-meter (14,000-square-foot) demonstration of how sustainable design can be economical, efficient, and inviting. The Frontier Project’s goal is to educate resident consumers, commercial builders, and sustainable advocates… »