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Material with both magnetic and superconducting properties found

By Damir Beciri
27 September 2011

simes-superconductor-magnet-julie-bertResearchers at the Stanford University have made an interesting discovery after they sandwiched two nonmagnetic insulators together. Contrary to expectations, the layer where the two materials meet has both magnetic and superconducting regions – two properties which haven’t been found to co-exist in nature. The discovery could be a starting point for creation of new materials… »

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Pitcher plant biomimicry leads to SLIPS – efficient liquid repelling coating

By Damir Beciri
One Comment22 September 2011

pitcher-plant-nepenthes-monkey-cupInspired by pitcher plant, a group of applied scientists at Harvard University managed to create a material that repels just about any type of liquid, including blood and oil, and does so even while it is exposed to high pressure or freezing temperatures. Since it is carnivorous by nature, the ability to have a virtually… »