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QUINCE search and rescue robot developed in Japan

By Damir Beciri
4 August 2010

quince-search-and-rescue-robotA research group, consisting of people from International Rescue System Institute, Chiba Institute of Technology and Tohoku University, has developed a rescue robot named QUINCE. It will be used to collect rescue information in case of Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRNE) disasters, including hazardous substance leaks in the underground malls or tall buildings, and… »

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Controlling a robot arm with your mind? Even a monkey can do it

By Damir Beciri
One Comment5 June 2010

monkey-with-robot-armIn our previous articles we already described a few interfaces meant to connect our thoughts to machines such as Emotiv EPOC or Honda BMI. Back in May of 2008 experiments were conducted by Dr. Schwartz, a professor of neurobiology at the University of Pittsburgh, to teach a monkey to feed itself by using its thoughts… »


Are robots with knives around humans a good idea?

By Damir Beciri
11 May 2010

sami-haddadin-testing-collision-detection-systemThis article might be interesting for all of our readers concerned about their security around aiding robots.  German researchers performed a series of stabbing, puncturing, and cutting experiments in order to understand the biomechanics of soft-tissue injury as well as to test a robot internal collision-detection system that could prevent or at least minimize injury…. »


Robots replacing cooks? Robot chefs in Japan make ramen noodles

By Damir Beciri
3 Comments11 August 2009

ramen-cooked-by-robots-japanAt the “Fua-men” (available in Japanese) ramen noodle shop in the central Japanese city of Nagoya, two robotic arms are busy serving their hungry customers, make eighty bowls of noodles per day. Kenji Nagoya, the owner of the noodle shop and a robot manufacturer says nobody gets it as accurate as the robots. The robots… »


SQUSE’s robot hand designed to handle fragile goods

By Damir Beciri
3 Comments24 June 2009

kyoto-squse-robotic-hand-handles-sushiWe already wrote about a prosthetic arm and a toy robotic arm in our previous articles. In this article we’re going to write about a robotic hand designed in Japan. Although it resembles a lifelike hand in a great degree, its main application won’t be in prosthetics. Kyoto-based factory automation company Squse (yes, their page… »

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A toy robotic arm or a teaching aid? Both.

By Rob Aid
5 Comments3 June 2009

owi535l-robotic-arm.jpgHere is another article about an affordable toy which can be used as a teaching aid in basic robotics. The award winning Robotic Arm Trainer made by OWI is a robotic arm technology which can be bought assembled or in parts, leaving the joy of robot buildup to you. It has a lifting capacity of… »