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About RobAid

RobAid.com is a web site with news and articles covering subjects regarding robots, gadgets, technology, bionics, biomimicry and sustainable architecture. The website mascot and title got their name from an idea of upcoming Rob(otic) Aid.

How RobAid got started?

The website was launched at the beginning of April, 2009. We began the realization of it as we saw a need for a tech news website with balanced amount of information suitable both for experts and general audience. That goal is achieved by writing mid-lengthened articles with links to more detailed external resources.

What can you find on our website?

We tend not to write about concepts and only 5 categories were chosen for better coverage of the news and better quality of our articles:

  • Robotics where we cover a wide range of subjects and robots with various applications with focus on robots used in our everyday lives
  • Gadgets where we write reviews and news about gadgets and apps we find interesting and useful
  • Technology where we cover interesting breakthroughs in tech applied in our other categories
  • Bionics where we cover merge of biology and technology with focus on our efforts to mimic the nature
  • Green architecture where we publish articles related to technology and sustainability in architecture

What will you love about us?

Aside the quality of our more thoroughly investigated and explained content, here are the features that distinct us from our competition:


  • our website doesn’t load new page each time you want to preview a larger version of an image or image gallery
  • each article can be read on its own page without unwanted pagination which is employed by many websites
  • we don’t interrupt the main content with advertisement and use dozens of advertisement slots
  • we are very committed to website optimization which makes our website load faster
  • we tend to improve user experience with clean design and usability

Who makes the RobAid team?

Damir Beciri – founder/administrator/editor

Damir came up with the idea for website name and design in late 2008, and founded RobAid in 2009. He is currently finishing his studies at the University of Novi Sad, Serbia. During the course of his studies, he was taught about programming, computer control, geo-information technologies, robotics and biomedicine. Aside technology, he is interested into healthier and more efficient ways of living, where balance can be more important than efficiency, and in his spare time he likes to be creative.

Maja Bosanac – contributor

Maja joined RobAid as a contributor in 2012 with her expertise in molecular biology. She holds a Master’s degree in Biology from the University of Novi Sad, Serbia. During the course of her studies, she gained experience in microbiology, genetics and immunology techniques, biotechnology, as well as ecotoxicology methods. Aside her interests for molecular biology, healthy living and environmental issues, she likes to spend her leisure time learning new languages.

Also contributed

  • Sonja Raca

  • Milos Kuzmanovic