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FogScreen eZ – most compact and affordable FogScreen yet

By Damir Beciri
One Comment12 September 2009

fogscreen-expo-zaragozaYou don’t need a vivid imagination to see the marketing possibilities or astonishing effect walk through screens can offer. FogScreen projection screen world premiere occurred in October 2002 at the Turku Science Fair in Turku, Finland. Volume production of the FogScreen Inia projection screen started in late 2004. The interactivity add-on debuted in June 2005, and the 1-meter FogScreen, FogScreen Pro, was launched in April 2006. All those versions had a common problem and that is availability. Now it got compact and a bit more affordable with their new product FogScreen eZ projection screen.

The basic components of the screen are a laminar, non-turbulent airflow that remains thin, crisp and protected from turbulence. The fog is made with ultrasonic waves and ordinary tap water – no chemicals are needed. It feels dry and cool to the touch. After the screen is formed by the fog, images can be projected onto it. The FogScreen projection screen can be translucent or fully opaque. It works very much like any ordinary screen in terms of projection – the darker the room the better the results.

A projector with at least 4500 ANSI Lumen is recommended. The distance between the projector and screen should be a minimum of 2 meters.  FogScreen projection screen is meant for creating and presenting stunning visual experiences, and content plays a huge role. Content can include animations, still images, videos, 3D graphics, light or lasers and much more. The FogScreen projection screen experience can be deepened simply by being creative with the installation, and by being creative with how sounds – and even smells – are presented.

ez_180x135_1_1_1Their new product has been designed with a compact body structure incorporating all the elements into the main screen housing. One power plug and one water line is all that’s needed to connect the screen. The compact size allows it to be fitted into almost any sized space. Its dimensions are 102.5cm (W) x 59cm (D) x 59.5cm (H). Those dimensions alow it a projection image as big as 80cm x 150cm (H). It has 1kW consumption and 2 to 5 litres per hour water consumption (depending on fog density). It is designed for indoor use with operating temperature range between 5 and 40°C.

“FogScreen eZ is our new product for the price driven market in a heavy recession. For under 20k EUR you can buy an easy to set up, very affordable, high quality, original and patented FogScreen projection screen. After the successful launch of the retail segment we are now looking to attract smaller segments like visitor attractions in general, aquariums, corporate offices, night clubs etc.  FogScreen eZ serves exactly the same purpose as the bigger FogScreen product family members: it draws traffic and attention to brand messaging like magic”, says CEO Mika Koivula.

The rest of the equipment (as the computer used for control of the image projection, projector or position sensing systems) has to be obtained separately. The prices of their products are still not as affordable as other technologies, although it offers a unique admirable effect. In order to make their product a more common experience they’ll need to develop even more affordable and larger versions, although the image quality would have to suffer a bit.

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    Mansi vig

    I am intrested in buying fog machine. Contact me as soon as possible.
    Waitingfor a prompt reply for further details

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