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Hillcrest Labs Loop enables mouse-like remote control

By Damir Beciri
One Comment27 November 2010

hillcrest-labs-loop-pointer-1In this article we’re going to describe the Loop – gadget from Hillcrest Labs which proves useful when you need a mouse away from your usual station, in case if you’re a regular couch surfer and multimedia enthusiast, or giving a presentation. Yes, I’m aware it has been around for a while, and that there are other similar gadgets on the market, however, the reason it is being reviewed now is because it became much more affordable.

The Loop is an intuitive mouse-like device that enables you to control your device via USB. This means the device application isn’t limited only to PC or Mac products, and it can be used along PlayStation 3 and some multimedia players which support mouse control interface. Its dimensions are 122 mm x 30.5 mm (4.8” x 1.2”) and it weights only 141 grams (almost 5 oz). It is ergonomically designed to fit both left- and right-handed users.

It is easy to setup the system because after you plug in the little USB transmitter into the device you plan to control via the Loop, your device automatically recognizes it as a “mouse”. The bracelet shaped device itself is powered by 2AA batteries. Since its signal is RF-transmitted on the 2.4GHz spectrum, the adapter receives signals send through glass or cabinets where you might keep your multimedia center. The maximal range from which it’s able to transmit signals is up to 10 meters (33 feet).

Patented Freespace motion control makes cursor control precise and intuitive from any hand position, so you don’t even have to be sitting upright to move the cursor correctly. In order to control it, you don’t need to wave around a lot – a simple wrist movement control will do. It has a left mouse button, for clicking stuff, and a right mouse button that serves as a “back” button in a browser. There’s also a scroll wheel (clicking it evokes different functions, depending on the system and browser involved) and a little “hide” button that takes the cursor off the screen. The hide button comes in handy while you’re demonstrating a presentation or watching movies and don’t want the cursor to wander around.

Although the Freespace motion control enhances the precision, you still need some time to get used to target smaller hyperlinks or buttons. In order to help the users with such tasks, the folks from Hillcrest Labs offer a TV optimized web browser Kylo. Kylo has lots of viewing space and no visual clutter, larger fonts and buttons which are more suitable for easier navigation across the room, zoom-and-pan option that eases both navigation and readability of sites you like to visit, and an onscreen keyboard.

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    Damir Beciri

    The folks from Hillcrest Labs lowered the price of the Loop from $99 to $49.

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