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Inovation First HEXBUG robots – Ant, Original, Inchworm and Crab

By Damir Beciri
One Comment1 May 2009

In need to find a new and affordable toy to entertain young children or yourself when being idle? Read this article and decide which one of the HEXBUG robot-toys would be most suitable for you.


hexbugantgreen.jpgAfter releasing their Original HEXBUG robot, Texas based manufacturer Innovation First introduced HEXBUG Ant at the NY International Toy Fair 2009. A 6-cm (2.3-inches) long micro robotic insect has front and rear touch sensors that allow it to maneuver around objects in its path, while its wheel-legs enable the robotic ant to move around ten times faster than any previous HEXBUG robot.

HEXBUG Ant’s six legs are actually propeller-like wheels provide it with t a burst of speed across bare floors or carpeting. WHile being much faster compared to previous versions, its speed makes it a bit less suitable for younger children.

People at the Innovation First also tinkered the behavior of the HEXBUG Ant by leveraging the touch sensors from the Original HEXBUG and changing its behavior in order to make it race backwards every time it hits an obstacle. THat enables its owners to play games where they try to catch the frantic robot.

Original HEXBUG

While it is released in five different body styles which are represented in different colors for each style, every Original HEXBUG robot has a the same operating pattern. This toy robot changes direction every time it hits an obstacle or detects loud sounds such as hand claps.

HEXBUG Inchworm

Afterward, they created another robotic toy named HEXBUG Inchworm. Unlike other HEXBUG insect inspired toy robots, it is remote controlled.

It also comes in five colors, and dual band controls enables you to control two HEXBUG Inchworms at the same time.


HEXBUG Crab is yet another robotic toy from HEXBUG with sensors which enable different operating patterns. Its light and sound detectors enable features like hiding in the shaded areas and changing its direction of movement due to predefined time intervals or loud sounds.

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    Thanks for the review, it helped me decide which one to buy.

    My kid loves the hexbug crab :)

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