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LG and Samsung revealed their transparent OLED displays

By Damir Beciri
One Comment29 October 2009

lg-see-thru-oledBeyond the sheer cool factor, the actual benefits of transparent displays are yet to be proved as they get implemented into other devices and objects, thus we might have to wait for their true need to be shown in future. Of course, that isn’t stopping manufacturers from developing and announcing them. LG Display and Samsung presented their transparent OLED displays at FPD International 2009 which is held at the Pacifico Yokohama (Exhibition Hall) in Japan from October 28 to 30.

Both LG Display and Samsung Mobile Display have been showing-off their respective transparent OLEDs, LG presented a full 15” OLED panel ideal for notebooks, while Samsung presented a 2” OLED panel meant for cell phones. While OLED displays usually emit light either from the positive or negative electrodes (making them viewable from a single side), these new panels emit light from both electrodes simultaneously, and are encapsulated in a transparent casing.

Transmittance for both is 30-percent; it’s unclear what resolution the LG Display OLED is running at, but the Samsung Mobile Display OLED offers 176 x 220 with 144ppi.  No word from either company as to when we might see commercial releases of the transparent OLEDs.

How will this new and wonderful technology be used? For advertising, of course! LG envisions its display in public places, being used as a billboard or street sign that can be viewed from both sides, However, LG hasn’t decided when to commercialize the technology. Transparent display could be seen on some consumer devices, as e-readers, transparent clocks, phones with a transparent keypad, or even in gaming where new games could benefit the fact the display is viewable from both sides (two players could face each other while they watch the game enroll between them).

With advance of the technology, production of devices with more transmittance and better image quality will be possible. That will create various opportunities for the usage of these displays in advanced gaming, as replacement for current head up displays in cars, fighter pilot cockpits embedded with transparent displays, and transparent display integrated helmets which could provide additional information to racing drivers, policemen, firefighters, medics and soldiers. On the other hand, this could be another “laser disk” product that could be replaced with some more innovative technology.

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    Maybe you don’t want it but I personally find it very more attractive than an ordinary computer screen And know imagine how cool it would be to take you breakfast and have some information on you window like the time or the weather if it’s cold outside or not and think of plains if the cockpit window can do this, so future planes will have much bigger cockpit windows! I find it’s a big step into future! =O

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