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New Dyson Air Multiplier fans got larger and even more expensive

By Damir Beciri
One Comment27 June 2010

dyson-air-multiplier-1After postponing the original article in hope its price will fall through time, we’re finally publishing the article regarding a Dyson fan. The original version, which came out last fall, has wowed many, partially because it was innovating and partially because of its price. Aside from not dropping its price, the folks from Dyson made a new (and even more expensive) version of their Air Multiplier fan.

So, what makes this fan so special and worthy compared to traditional fans which cost significantly less? First, its design is interesting since it has no blades. Engineers noticed some scientific quirks in how another Dyson product named Airblade was working. The sheet of air, due to pressure and friction, was dragging a large amount of the surrounding air along with it – something that fluid dynamics people call “inducement”.

Normally, fans create moving air by chopping and pushing air, with angled, rotating blades. On the other hand, the Dyson Air Multiplier blows just a single sheet of air, from a thin opening towards the rear of its circular wing. The 16 degree slope of that wing creates negative pressure around the moving air sheet, thus sucking more air along for the ride and amplifying it by 15 times.

“The air it delivers is very smooth, like a nice breeze on your face,” explains Dyson. “The blades on conventional fans chop up the air, which kind of slaps you in a rather unpleasant way and one of the main reasons people don’t like to sit in front of fans.”

Since the fan isn’t chopping the air, the wind it generates isn’t turbulent and doesn’t buffet you. However, you won’t be able to make sound or lighting effects you could make by using fans with blades. It has a toggle for oscillation, and adjustable speeds, just like the traditional fans. Although they are quiet on lower speeds, they become noisy when they are in higher speed.

Dyson recently added two new models which use the same technology, both larger than the original models which have a 25 and 30 cm (10 and 12 inches) diameter. The Tower Fan is 1 meter (40 inches) high, and it is shaped as a thin oval. The Pedestal Fan seems is slightly larger in diameter than the old models, but has an extending next to reach up to 140 cm (55 inches) in height. The new models also feature remote control.

Air Multiplier fans are more secure since they have no blades that can be easily reached, have an interesting design and raise curiosity at people who haven’t seen it before. However, the biggest problems of these fans are their prices. The prices of older models are $300 and $330 (respectively to their size) and the Tower Fan and Pedestal Fan models of the Air Multiplier are currently available for preorders at $450. That is why we leave it up to you to resolve is this your necessity or an overpriced show-off toy.

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    i agree this is way way way over priced… id pay 50 bucks for this if that.. tradicional is good no need for something else they wont geet a buck from me

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