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Samsung SyncMaster XL2370 – a good 23-inch LED display

By Damir Beciri
2 Comments13 October 2009

samsung-syncmaster-xl2370-led-monitorThe 23-inch Samsung SyncMaster XL2370 finally became available in most parts of the world, and it looks like a thinner, sleeker version of Samsung’s P2370. The Samsung XL2370 is Samsung’s highest performance display and their first display that incorporates LED technology, giving the model a super-slim profile and significant energy-saving benefits. Although it doesn’t offer any additional equipment as its rivals, and it isn’t the cheapest display with LED technology, Samsung SyncMaster XL2370 is our favorite price-performance display on the current market.

The bezel measures 4cm on the sides and 5cm on the. On the edge of the bezel is a plastic transparent overlay. According to Samsung, this overlay changes color based on the color of the light in the room, yet, this isn’t entirely accurate. As different colored light passes through the overlay, it only gives the impression that the display is changing color. The screen has a matte finish and the neck is made of transparent glass with bluish crystals at the bottom. The glass reflects the crystals, which creates a blue hue within the neck. The effect is subtle, but it makes the XL2370 stand out among other monitors.

The oval-shaped footstand is 40cm wide by 25cm deep, but even with such a wide footstand, the display isn’t very stable. This is because of, in part, the display’s light weight. It weighs less than 3.5kg, so putting its back in front of an open window on a very windy day isn’t very smart thing to do. The bottom of the bezel sits about 6cm from the desktop, but unfortunately, the screen height isn’t adjustable and there isn’t a screen rotation or pivot option for portrait mode. The capability to tilt the screen back 25 degrees is the only included ergonomic feature.

The XL2370 connection options include DVI-D, HDM, and analog and digital audio out connections. All connections sit on its back in the lower midsection of the panel and face backward, instead of down, as on most monitors. The connections are only recessed about half an inch into the monitor making them easy to access.

Pressing your finger against the bottom right-hand corner of the bezel brings up the hidden onscreen display button array. The white, glowing buttons disappear after a couple moments of inactivity; however, there is an option in the OSD to illuminate them at all times for easier calibration. You can also set the OSD to be onscreen for 5, 10, 20, or 200 seconds.

The array consists of a Menu button, an Up and Down button, an Enter button, and an Auto button. The Up and Down buttons also double as a brightness and preset shortcut buttons respectively. Picture options consist of brightness, contrast, and sharpness. You can also set the color tone to Cool, Normal, Warm, or Custom, letting you change the red, green, and blue attributes individually.

There are seven presets including Custom, Text, Internet, Game, Sport, Movie, and Dynamic Contrast. Each preset changes the color temperature and brightness of the display to be appropriate to the task at hand.  The Samsung SyncMaster XL2370’s 16:9 aspect ratio supports a “Full HD” 1920×1080-pixel native resolution. This continues the trend of more and more monitor vendors moving toward 16:9 from 16:10 because high-definition content (in particular 1080p movies) can fit onto the screen in full-screen mode without stretching the image.

Much of the great performance regarding colors and brightness can be attributed to the LED backlight in the monitor. Most monitors use cold cathode fluorescent lamp-based backlights (several fluorescent tubes stretched horizontally across the screen), and the Samsung SyncMaster XL2370 relies on individual LEDs all over the back of the screen that turn off or on independently, giving the display more precise control over the amount of light that comes through. The purported advantages of an LED backlight are better energy efficiency, more accurate color reproduction, a conceivably thinner panel design, and a higher potential brightness level. Samsung seems to be using all of these features in the XL2370.

Samsung XL2370 offers a suite of eco-conscious features including reduced energy consumption, requiring about 40% less power to operate compared with typical monitors of a similar size. In addition, the product does not contain toxic-materials such as halogen or mercury by adopting a LED backlight unit. The ToC manufacturing process eliminates harmful paints and sprays, and increases the monitor’ recyclability. Its slim profile also dramatically reduces transportation costs and requirements for a smaller carbon footprint.

“We expect the XL2370 will open a new era of the LED monitor market,” said JaeYoung Lew of Samsung Electronics’ Visual Display Division. “Samsung will pave the way in the LED monitor market with beautiful design and superb functionality, while responding to the market needs for eco-friendly technology.”

The summary of tech specifications:

Screen Size – 23″
Brightness (Typical) – 250 cd/m²
Contrast Ratio (Typical) – DC 5M:1 (3K:1)
Resolution – 1920 x 1080
Response Time (Typical) – 2ms
Viewing Angle (Horizontal/Vertical) – 170/160
16.7M – colors supported

Signal Input:
Video Signal – Analog RGB/DVI/HDMI
Sync. Signal – Separate H/V, Composite, SOG
Connector – DVI-I/HDMI/Optical Out/Audio Out

Power Consumption – Standard 28W, 30W Max
Standby consumption (DPMS) – x3c1.3W
Type – 12V/3A External Adapter

Product Dimensions (with stand, WxHxD) – 571 x 423 x 190 mm
Product Dimension (Without Stand, WxHxD) – 571 x 364.5 x 48 mm
Shipment Dimension (WxHxD) – 694 x 437 x 111 mm

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  • Avatar
    winter olympics

    I was lucky that Best Buy was selling a day earlier than they were suppose to, or I would have never seen this beauty. Gaming and HD movies/shows look amazing. For the price, this is the best monitor to get.

  • Avatar
    John Dough

    Nearly perfect display, and I got it a few day ago for only 290 green ones.

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