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Solar and USB eye-pleasing flowerpots

By Damir Beciri
2 Comments12 July 2009

solar-powered-plant-potIf you are a person who likes to grow plants and you crave for new gadgets, you’ll love this article. We’re going to write about 2 eye catching flower pots. One accumulates solar energy during the day and glows during the night, and the other is a USB gadget flower pot that also acts as an air purifier. Both pots have affordable prices, thou the Solar Powered Plant Pot is a bit more expensive. The dimensions of both pots aren’t admirable. The solar powered one has the following internal pot dimensions 25cm (diameter) x 15cm (depth) and the USB one is 16.5cm (diameter) x 18cm (depth) large.

As its name Solar Powered Plant Pot suggests, this stylish designer pot soaks up the sun’s rays in order to charge an internal battery that powers several built-in LEDs. As night falls the entire pot begins to glow, adding an enchanting touch of magic to your garden or terrace. You can choose between a pot that glows a constant white light (that version uses 6 LEDs) and a version that gently phases through various eye pleasing colors (that version uses 9 LEDs).

It comes with its solar cell which is on a separate spike connected to the pot via a 3m cable. Hence, if the pot is shaded by trees, walls or fences, there is no problem with the charging of the pot. Simply stick it in the ground and hide the cable. Genius, and no mains wiring required. The lights are splash proof protected, however please they advised that the product should never be placed where water can collect, and recommend a minimum distance of 2m from any water source (such as ponds).

The length of time the pot glows is dependent on the amount of sunlight the solar panel is exposed to during the day and it is about 6-8 hours in the summer or 2-4 hours in the winter.

The Flowerpot USB Air Purifier is an air purifier that does more than just purify your air and it looks good doing it. It’s for while you’re at your desk, so if for some reason you think the air needs to be filtered through while you’re at your desk. In addition to air filtering, it has an open container area that you could use for various things, such as using it as a flower pot or as an ordinary container.

It also has a blue luminescent night light that is controlled through an on/off switch. For that blue light it has a total of 3 LED lights. It can be powered by USB or 100-240V adapter so it can be used at places without computers nearby.

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    Your Solar Green Shop

    I am a plant person and would love solar post in my garden as well as the solar lighting.

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    Wonderful application of Solar Energy which is pleasing to the eye.

    Dr.A.Jagadeesh Nellore(AP),India

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