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Turn any flat surface into a sound speaker – Kerchoonz K-box

By Rob Aid
7 Comments22 July 2009

kerchoonz-k-boxEver wanted your wall or table to play the music? In this article we’re not talking about flat and thin speakers, but rather of a gadget that turns any flat surface into a giant speaker. As personal music players are becoming more common, there’s another developing trend that is growing: the desire to share that music with everyone else. There are many mini speakers on the market today, but a new product called the Kerchoonz K-box promises to make even more noise. A compact, mobile-phone sized device, the K-box turns any flat surface as a wall, table, window or ceiling into a speaker.

This idea isn’t new and it started in the beginning of this century but this gadget works on a different principle. Other similar devices work on transduction (converting electrical signals into vibrations) and then using the flat surface as a giant sound board. The K-box is the first to use a “hydro-gel” suspension system. And it does seem to have improved the dynamics and performance. The device has an average output of 95dB at 1m, with the bass performance averaging at around 40-20 KHz. That fact is pretty impressive, considering the unit only has 2W RMS.

There are a couple of other pluses, too. The K-box has a battery life of up to 20 hours, and is rechargeable via USB. It can recharge via a 5V USB adapter but that adapter doesn’t come in the standard package. It will plug straight into the headphone jack so it can work with almost any kind of notebook, gaming device, mp3 player, mobile phone or laptop with that output.

The device is nicely designed and is compact (115mm x 55mm x 20mm). You have to experiment with surfaces a bit before you get used to find the right spot for the best sound reproduction. There are no buttons, dials or switches on this gadget. There are just two connection points – a 3.5mm Aux In jack for audio input and a mini USB connector used for charging the internal battery. It is a simple plug and play device but there are a few mistakes developers made. There is no indication of battery status and that is a huge minus. There is also some notable static presence when the music is paused or you listen to some music that isn’t loud.

Overall, Kerchoonz K-box is mid priced, affordable, and it’s noticeably outperforming its competition. A worthy purchase until a better product overtakes the spotlight.

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    i have one of these. to be honest, it’s very handy for people who travel. I think it would be great if it had a battery indicator. but, the battery seems to last forever anyway. but yes that would be good. for a brand new product, though, i think it’s really cool. it’s fuss free.

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    Anna S.

    I bought one a few days ago and it\’s very good for that price. A battery status would be helpful, but I recharge it at night and it lasts thought the whole next day so I\’m very satisfied ^^

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    one thing that may be helpful. I wanted to use it with my LG phone but, the headphone jack for the LG isn’t the standard jack. luckily, they sell the adaptor for that phone on amazon. otherwise, it works with everything else i’ve used it with. it would be cool if they made some kind of mount so that it can go on a window though. it sounds cool on glass. I taped mine to the window, but it doesn’t look very chic with gaffa tape on it lol

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    wow, pretty sweet little thing! me wants one…

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    just wondering, do you know if you can use a stereo to mono like y-splitter and use two of them at the same time? that would be pretty cool.

  • Avatar

    pretty sweet indeed… could use a volume booster… but still, I love that added bass!

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    tim gilmore

    how much does the kercoonz k-box cost

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