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VESA introduces DisplayPort v1.2 – double performance

By Damir Beciri
One Comment24 January 2010

vesa-display-port-v12The Video Electronics Standard Association (VESA) has unveiled the long awaited DisplayPort Version1.2 digital display interface that brings with it a host of enhanced features. Aside from a doubled data rate of 21.6Gbps and bi-directional USB data transfer of an impressive 720Mbps, the upgrade also offers multi-monitor support from a single plug, improved audio synchronization and support for Full HD 3D Stereoscopic displays.

DisplayPort v1.2 was designed to be compatible with existing DisplayPort systems and cables. To take advantage of the new capabilities, a PC will need to be DisplayPort v1.2 enabled. However, existing standard cables can still be used, including those with the new Mini DisplayPort connector. To achieve the 21.6 Gbps rate, the per-lane data rate is doubled from 2.7 Gbps to 5.4 Gbps, over the four lanes that exist in the standard cable. For a single display, this enables up to 3840 x 2400 resolution at 60Hz, or a 3D display (120Hz) at 2560 x 1600.

DisplayPort v1.2 supports “multi-streaming”. the ability to transport multiple independent uncompressed display and audio streams over a single cable, supporting protected content and high performance applications such as 3D gaming. This enables the use of multiple monitors connected by cable in a daisy chain or hub configuration. Whereas the current Display v1.1a standard can support one 2560 x 1600 monitor at 60Hz, DisplayPort v1.2 can support two such monitors with one cable, or four 1920 x 1200 monitors. Many other combinations are possible, including multiple video sources, multiple displays (even at different resolutions) and multiple audio speakers.

Another new feature is the ability to support high-speed, bi-directional data transfer, allowing USB 2.0 or Ethernet data to be carried within a standard DisplayPort cable. For DisplayPort v1.2, the maximum data rate of this “AUX” channel has been increased from 1 Mbps (Mega-bit-per-second) to 720 Mbps, providing suitable bandwidth for USB 2.0. The DisplayPort cable can therefore support USB data to/from the display to support Display USB functions, in addition to sending the video and audio information. Standard Ethernet and audio data can also be transported in the DisplayPort cable.

DisplayPort v1.2 also includes improved support for Full HD 3D Stereoscopic displays. It is able to provide life-like motion using up to 240 frames-per-second in full HD (providing 120 frames-per-second for each eye), 3D Stereo transmission format support (field sequential, side by side, pixel interleaved, dual interface, and stacked) and 3D Stereo display capability declaration Mono, Stereo, 3D Glasses

“DisplayPort is a truly open, flexible, extensible multimedia interconnect standard that is ubiquitous in the PC, notebook and display markets and is rapidly gaining traction in consumer electronics applications,” said Bill Lempesis, VESA’s executive director. “DisplayPort Version v1.2 offers a complete set of benefits and capabilities that no other standard can provide. It is completely backward compatible with DisplayPort v1.1a and requires no new cables or other equipment, making it the standard of choice across the industry.”

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    they are not getting audio from their TVs and such. It is beuacse ELMENOS, one out of the several sellers, are selling the Mini DisplayPorts with no AUDIO support. I was; however, lucky enough to order from BargainCell which sent the correct Mini DisplayPort to HDMI that is displayed in the picture. However, my friend who I referred to buy this adapter also bought this item from ELMENOS and they sent him a different adapter than what was displayed in the picture. When he emailed ELMENOS, the seller told him he bought the wrong item, and it does not come with audio support and referred him to a more expensive Mini DisplayPort. All in all I am very happy with my purchase from BargainCell which provided me with AUDIO and VIDEO on my 2010 Macbook Pro; however, my friend is not. It seems that there are many sellers for the same item and when I sent my friend the link to the item I purchased, Amazon randomly shuffles the seller who are listed as selling the same product when it is now obvious that they are not.. Bottomline: BargainCell has the Mini Displayport with Audio Support and ELMENOS does not beuacse they send you a different item then on the picture displayed.Help other customers find the most helpful reviewsa0Was this review helpful to you?a0 | a0

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