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2011 New Years Eve fireworks worldwide and our website in 2010

By Rob Aid
One Comment1 January 2011

fireworksHappy New Year! Just like in last year, after the whole world celebrated New Years Eve we publish our favorite compilation of fireworks display around the world. You can watch the Fireworks around the globe in 2011 New Years Eve video bellow. The compilation video will be changed to our favorite fireworks display video if a better video gets published. Along the compilation, we’re posting the stunning 2011 fireworks display in London, England.

The 2010 was a very good year for RobAid.com. The quality of our articles is confirmed by references from many reputable universities and companies. This year we had a significant increase of feedback from researchers, designers and companies we contacted for more information. Thanks for your cooperation!

The site design went through a few minor changes regarding design. We standardized the general article layout, and all newer images have a standardized size of 640×480 pixels. The website performance and optimization has been taken as a serious issue and it has been addressed during the December 2010. We hope that you noticed the difference as well.

In order to increase our earnings, we added one ad at the top of our articles. We also got accepted by the BuySellAds.com advertising system. However, we’re considering various solutions regarding advertisement number and placement in order to keep our website clean from advertisement as much as possible. More information about how to advertise on our website will be publicly available and published in near future.

Here are the numbers for those who like statistics. We published over 250 articles in 2010. The number of visitors is steadily rising, currently ranging from 1,000 to 1,400 unique visitors per day. The total of unique visitors ranged from a bit over 6,000 in January, to almost 19,000 per month by the end of the year. Year totals for 2010 are 273,575 for visits, and 1,124,707 for page views.

In a couple of our next articles we’re going to publish the lists of our most popular posts in site categories and various subjects we covered. The overall top 10 most popular articles according to the attention they got from our visitors in 2010 were:

  1. Top 5 articles regarding green architecture in 2009
  2. India is developing a 35-dollar computer for students
  3. Mint – floor sweeping and mopping robot from Evolution Robotics
  4. Boogie Board Paperless LCD Writing Tablet – digital magic slate
  5. PixelOptics emPower! – dynamic electronic spectacle lens
  6. Lockheed Martin HULC robotic exoskeleton will operate longer
  7. Green architecture – Vancouver Convention and Exhibition Center
  8. Mahru-Z – a walking robot maid doing household chores
  9. Top 5 articles regarding biomimicry of flora and fauna in 2009
  10. Walk over Sustainable Dance Club floor tiles to generate power

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    That London firework was really neat.

    Congratulations for more attention you got this year ^_^

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