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Is Roomba’s throne at risk? New version of LG RoboKing

By Damir Beciri
4 Comments27 December 2009

lg-vr5901kl-robotic-vacuum-cleanerAfter writing about E-Cleaner EC01 and Neato XV-11 we’re going to write about robotic vacuum cleaner(s) from LG Electronics. After the big failure of their too expensive (yet not more functional) first version of RoboKing, they decided to develop a better and cheaper robot that could compete with Roomba. Although the new RoboKing isn’t available worldwide so far, it is already launched in South Korea and it comes in two versions.

The new version of the LG RoboKing is shorter, and comes at a height of 9cm, compared to the previous model which has a height of 13cm. It has 36cm in radius. The company claims that the new LG RoboKing is 30% more efficient, meaning it will sweep and vacuum the room 30% faster than the previous model. The robot works on built-in Lithium Polymer batteries, which can be replaced and charged. Since the batteries are made of Li-PO, which makes them lighter than Li-Ion batteries, the robot weights only 3.2kg.

Although Li-PO batteries are lighter and a bit greener than Li-Ion batteries, there was a notable problem which occurred after a certain number of charge-discharge cycles when their capacity drops to 80%. That isn’t cheerful information when you already know its charging time lasts 3 hours and its use time could drop from 70 to 60 minutes or even less.

The unit finds its way around the room with sensors, either with infrared sensors or with cameras. Yes, the new LG RoboKing comes with two cameras used to see its surroundings. It is also equipped with a supersonic sensor, gyro sensor and acceleration sensor.

It has three methods of cleaning which differ in its movement and those are the zigzag method, the spatial expansion method and the intensive cleaning method. Unlike its predecessor, it has 2 brushes used at its sides. Large solid particles are picked up by bristles and swept inside, while the dust is picked up like in a regular vacuum cleaner. The new RoboKing will have a noise level of 50dB. In comparison, the earlier model had a noise level of 63 dB.

There are two models that are currently available in South Korea, VR5901KL and VR5906KL. Both use HEPA exhaust filters (H12 classes) and have all the features we already mentioned. The main difference between the two already available models, beside the price tag and the color (black and red, respectively) is in their operation. The more expensive (VR5901KL) model has the option to re-clean after recharging as well as some different programs.

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    Damir Beciri

    The current price tag for the LG VR5901KL is around $600 and the VR5906KL costs around $450

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    “Is Roomba’s throne at risk?”
    Way to not answer your own question! What a misleading headline

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    Damir Beciri

    That was the title of our mini series where we published articles about first alternatives to Roomba when they were released on the market.

    It is up to readers to decide are their price and performance competitive enough to choose them over the most known robotic vacuum cleaner at the time.

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    Some people are so maniacally challenged that when an appliance malfunctions, they just replace it, too dumb to realize you can just replace a battery! I’m so glad I found about this HQRP Roomba APS Battery before throwing out the robot that would have been such a waste. My Roomba had been running out of energy and getting stuck all over the apartment, not cleaning properly, never returning to dock. With this new battery WOW! It’s working like new again. Fantastic!

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