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Mahru-Z – a walking robot maid doing household chores

By Damir Beciri
6 Comments18 January 2010

rosie-the-robotFor those of you remembering the robot maid Rosie from the animated show “The Jetsons”, here is a robot that actually resembles her and serves a similar porpoise. After two years of developing, and a lot of technology taken from previous iterations of Mahru robots, the scientists from Korea Institute of Science and Technology came up with Mahru-Z. It’s a walking robot maid which can clean a home, dump clothes in a washing machine or heat food in a microwave.

The robot is 1.3 meters (4.3 feet) tall and it weighs 55 kilograms (121 pounds). It has a human-like body with a rotating head, arms and legs, and is capable of “seeing” 3D objects and recognizing jobs that need to be done. The robot, using its moving hands, elbows and six fingers, can pick up a dirty shirt, throw it into a washing machine and push the buttons to get the laundry done.

Mahru-Z could also work in tandem with its fellow maid robot, Marhu-M, an earlier KIST creation that moves on wheels, as both machines can be remote controlled through a computer server. Mahru-Z, for example, can put fruit in a basket and put it on the dinner table, while Mahru-M, which has the advantage in mobility, can locate the owner and bring him the fruits directly.

”The most distinctive strength of Mahru-Z is its visual ability to observe objects, recognize the tasks needed to be completed, and execute them. It recognizes people, can turn on microwave ovens, washing machines and toasters, and also pick up sandwiches, cups and whatever else its senses as objects,” said You Bum-jae, heads of the Cognitive Robot Center at KIST. “Another strength of Mahru-Z is that it is autonomous, as it can navigate rooms unattended using its visual sensors, and pick things up on the way.”

Although similar machines have been created elsewhere, with many of the efforts coming from Japan, You claims Mahru-Z is the most advanced domestic robot yet in terms of mimicking human movement. Aside from household chores, Mahru-Z can also be used in conditions too difficult or dangerous for humans.

”The network capabilities of the robot makes it capable of doing jobs in areas that are dangerous, contaminated or previously unvisited, as every movement can be remote controlled,” You said. “In the future, these types of robots could be used for doing things in space, such as operating machinery on the moon, while its controller stays back on Earth.”

However, Mahru-Z won’t be saving people from their tedious household chores any time soon, as KIST officials admit it will be a long time before the robot can be mass produced for commercial use.

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    Nice, great lead in progressing towards a better generation

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    Nandita Mukerjee

    Very nice. May I know what will be the price of this Robot? Please inform

  • Avatar
    Kenisha Lorretta Mouton

    I hope the mahru z comes out soon so I will never have to clean my own room again!

    I bet the mahru z costs a lot of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$! :P

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    none of your buisness

    this robot better do what it says it does other wise i am going to find you guys for taking my money to build crap

    have a nice day!

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    I want this robo for my mom…..please give me any idea…where I am bought it

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    none of your buisness

    this thing is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo slow it better get faster

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