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Robosoft Kompai robot developed to assist dependent persons

By Damir Beciri
12 March 2010

kompaiAt ILTCI 2010 (Intercompany Long Term Care Insurance Conference), New Orleans March 14th-17th, the French company Robosoft will present Kompaï – a robot designed to assist dependent persons at home. Kompaï is a companion style robot that can speak, understand verbal commands, navigate a home and always stays connected to the internet. Kompaï can remember appointments and make shopping lists as well.

“One of our top priorities is the domestic robots market for dependent persons, whether they be elderly, handicapped or autistic,” says Vincent Dupourqué, CEO of Robosoft. “Kompaï is the culmination of several years of research with scientific and medical partners. This first generation is intended for developers who would like to implement their own robotics applications for assistance”.

“We’re very happy to welcome Robosoft to ILTCI,” says Jim Glickman, CEO of LifeCare Assurance Company and one of the organizers of the 2010 ILTCI Conference. “We are looking forward to the time when modern technologies, and in particular robotics, can provide fast and efficient solutions for helping to better assist dependent persons while controlling costs. Kompaï’s presence at our conference will be an opportunity to view the current progress about these new technologies and raise awareness with all of the key decision makers in the long term care insurance industry”.

Kompaï is intended to help dependent persons in their daily lives. It is a mobile and communicative product. Somewhat like a dog, it has its “basket”, which is the recharging dock that it heads back to when its batteries are low. Equipped with speech, it is able to understand simple orders and give a certain level of response. It knows its position within the house, how to get from one point to another on demand or on its own initiative, and it remains permanently connected to the internet and all its associated services.

Its primary means of communication with people is speech, with an additional touch screen that features simple icons. Future generations of Kompaï will be equipped with visual abilities, and also the possibility to understand and express emotions. And later, the addition of arms will allow it perform more practical functions  needed in everyday life as handling objects, leading to meal preparation or tidying.

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