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Organovo creates fully cellular 3D bioprinted liver tissue

By Damir Beciri
25 April 2013

organovo-novogen-bioprintingAs we reported in one of our previous articles, Organovo came up with a bio-printer able to print human tissue and organs in 3D. They recently attended 2013 Experimental Biology conference in Boston, Massachusetts, where they presented the company’s in vitro three-dimensional liver generated by Organovo’s NovoGen bioprinting platform. The tissues are highly reproducible and… »


Organovo 3D bio-printer can make human tissue and organs

By Damir Beciri
2 Comments24 March 2010

organovo-3d-bio-printerWe already wrote about several 3D printers which are mostly used for rapid prototyping or creating delicious meals out, however 3D printing technology has leapt into a new realm because the Organovo NovoGen 3D bio-printer can build body parts from cells and it recently created the first “printed” human vein. The printer is meant to… »