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Researchers getting closer to creation of 3D printed blood vessels

By Damir Beciri
19 September 2011

fraunhofer-biorapResearchers at Fraunhofer are combining two different techniques – 3D printing technology established in rapid prototyping and multiphoton polymerization developed in polymer science – in order to create artificial blood vessels. Aside creating artificial blood vessels that could be used to could supply artificial tissue, the technology could be a starting point for creation of… »

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Mcor Technologies Matrix 3D printer – more affordable 3D printing

By Damir Beciri
One Comment17 September 2009

the-matrix-3d-printer-1Imagine a world where you can design your own furniture, bring your invention from a sketch to physical reality or even produce an exact model of yourself, all done quickly and cheaply. Irish firm Mcor Technologies is making this a reality with their 3D printing technology. In order to transform an idea of your product… »


An interactive 3D and 360º light field display

By Damir Beciri
27 August 2009

3d-display-tie-fighterThe Graphics Lab at the University of Southern California has designed an easily reproducible, low-cost 3D display system with a form factor that offers a number of advantages for displaying 3D objects in 3D. The display requires no special viewing glasses and generates simultaneous views accommodating large numbers of viewers. The same display was used… »