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SolaMate saves energy spent on home temperature regulation

By Damir Beciri
8 June 2009

solamate.jpgSpace heating and cooling represent the most significant proportion of present home energy needs. There are some projects related to the new forms of architecture which should drastically change the process of temperature regulation in order make it more natural and environmentally friendly. We will write about those projects in our future articles. This article… »


Emotiv EPOC – an accessible mind-cotrolled headgear

By Damir Beciri
One Comment2 May 2009

emotivpr-img_3.jpgAt a company called Emotiv a few dozen scientists have developed the gear and software that quite literally read the mind and it’s going to hit the mass market in this year. For it’s relatively low price (comparing to similar yet more complicated and robust), you will be able to vaporize onscreen enemies with an… »