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Questionable Observer Detector spots repetitive crime scene observers

By Damir Beciri
14 October 2011

nd-questionable-observer-detector-biometrics-systemIf you are fond of crime solving TV series or movies, you probably heard that criminals always return to the scene of the crime. Led by that theory, a team of biometrics experts from the University of Notre Dame is developing a crime-fighting tool that can help law enforcement officials identify individuals who are found… »


New algorithm leads to more efficient robots with predictable movement

By Damir Beciri
26 September 2011

mit-asypmotically-optimal-path-planning-for-manipulationResearchers from MIT combined two innovative algorithms developed there to build a new robotic motion-planning system that calculates much more efficient trajectories through free space. Although such tasks seem intuitive and simple to us, most of the existing path finding algorithms rely to collision avoiding rather than finding more efficient paths between the robot’s initial… »


Donut algorithm allows robots to learn from our mistakes

By Damir Beciri
26 May 2011

epfl-donut-algorithmInstead being treated as useless mistakes, failed demonstrations can provide great insights into better learning, claim scientists from EPFL’s Learning Algorithms and Systems Laboratory (LASA). Their unusual point of view has led to the development of novel algorithms which enable machines to learn more rapidly and outperform humans by starting from failed or inaccurate demonstrations…. »