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Musical robot companion Shimi is more than a docking system

By Damir Beciri
One Comment29 June 2012

tovbot-shimiGeorgia Tech’s Center for Music Technology developed a robot whose role is to be a musical companion. Named Shimi, the robotic musical companion is able to recommend songs, dance to the beat, and even create new, unique musical compositions. Instead being just a docking station, the robot increases interactivity and various features which can be… »


NOOKcolor is a logical step for new e-readers

By Damir Beciri
One Comment27 October 2010

nookcolor-1Barnes & Noble, Inc. announced the launch of NOOKcolor, their version of a full-color touch Reader’s Tablet that delivers digital books, magazines, newspapers and children’s books in color, and all in one nicely designed, thin and highly portable device. Instead classifying it as just another tablet, it is rather a logical and advanced step of… »


Wikitude Drive enhances GPS navigation with augmented reality

By Damir Beciri
27 May 2010

wikitude-driveMobilizy, makers of the Wikitude Augmented Reality (AR) apps for iPhone, Android, and Nokia phones,  came up with Wikitude Drive – a mobile AR satellite navigation system with global coverage which could take the current driving experience with GPS a step further, because you may no longer have to follow audio directions and look at… »

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Augmented reality closer to general public via smartphones

By Damir Beciri
30 November 2009

smartphone-augmented-realityWe wrote about various augmented reality devices in our previous articles. Augmented reality glasses, see-through LED displays, Retinal Imaging Devices (from NEC and Brother) and SixthSence, all share the same principle and that is showing additional information about the world around us. However, most of the mentioned technologies are either too expensive or still in… »