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SLIPS as anti-ice and anti-frost coating for metal surfaces

By Damir Beciri
One Comment11 June 2012

slips-anti-ice-1A team of researchers from Harvard University devised a new way to combat ice and frost on various surfaces, including metal surfaces. Once coated, the surfaces quickly shed condensation droplets as well as frost simply by employing gravity. The technology could find its use as a coating for a wide variety of metal surfaces used… »

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Unraveling Xylomannan – natural beetle antifreeze compound

By Damir Beciri
3 March 2012

upis-ceramboidesAnimals and plants living in snow and sub-zero areas have evolved all sorts of chemical tricks that allow them to live in these cold environments. There are various natural antifreeze compounds from such organisms, but researchers from RIKEN Advanced Science Institute at Wako focused on one called xylomannan – a natural antifreeze produced by the… »


Unexpected antifreeze properties found in a simple compound

By Damir Beciri
One Comment26 October 2011

with-zirconium-acetateA chemical compound used to stabilize particles in suspension has proved capable of controlling the growth of ice crystals. Unlike the macromolecules previously known for their antifreeze properties, the compound in question is a simple molecule which offers many advantages, including low production costs, stability and ease of use. The research could also lead to… »