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Growing artificial skin using umbilical cord stem cells

By Maja Bosanac
23 November 2013

granada-stem-cell-skin-1Scientists at the University of Granada have grown artificial skin from human umbilical cord Wharton’s jelly stem cells (HWJSCs). This artificial skin can be stored in tissue banks and made available when needed. This is an important advance in treatment of patients with major burn injuries, since artificially-grown skin can be used immediately after the… »


Transparent stretchable sensor used to create touch-sensitive artificial skin

By Damir Beciri
One Comment25 October 2011

stretchy-transparent-force-detection-materialStanford researchers have developed a stretchable, transparent skin-like sensor that can be stretched to more than twice of its original length and return to its original shape. It can sense pressure from a firm pinch to thousands of pounds. The sensor could be used in used in medicine as pressure-sensitive bandages or sensors on prosthetic… »

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A different approach on sensitive skin for robots development

By Rob Aid
One Comment5 July 2011

tum-robot-skinResearchers at Technical University of Munich (TUM) are developing an artificial skin for robots to help them navigate in their environments. It will provide important tactile information to the robot and thus supplement its perception formed by camera eyes, infrared scanners and gripping hands. They have built a single robotic arm equipped with sensors to… »


Rubber film used to create touch-sensitive artificial skin

By Damir Beciri
15 September 2010

stanford-artificial-skinAs we already wrote in our previous articles, scientists around the world are working to develop pressure sensors for artificial skin which could be applied on prosthetic limbs or robots. By sandwiching a precisely molded, highly elastic rubber layer between two parallel electrodes, the team from Stanford University created an electronic sensor that can detect… »