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Feel-good glass coating could increase your quality of life

By Damir Beciri
4 July 2012

window-airyAs we previously mentioned in many of our articles about architecture, abundance of daylight  is very important since it influences our mood and efficiency since it stimulates the brain. Researchers from the Fraunhofer Institute have worked with industry partners to develop a coating for panes of glass that lets through more light at wavelengths which… »


New biosensors arise from glowing bacteria synchronization research

By Damir Beciri
One Comment19 December 2011

glowing-bacteria-microfluidic-chipBiologists and bioengineers at UC San Diego have created a living neon sign composed of millions of bacterial cells that periodically fluoresce in harmony like blinking light bulbs. By utilizing the same method they used to create the flashing signs, the researchers managed to make a simple bacterial sensor that could be used to detect… »