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Novel advancements in hydrogels

By Maja Bosanac
9 July 2013

hydrogel-double-network-1Hydrogels are gelatinous substances with several biomedical applications, including cartilage repair, implants for minimally invasive surgery and drug delivery. Most hydrogels are weak, brittle, and of low mechanical strength. They also exhibit limited extensibility, recoverability, and poor toughness. On the other hand, double-network hydrogels exhibit high mechanical strength, excellent recoverable properties, and a unique, free-shapeable… »

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Bioinspired gel with helical polymers acts opposite to gelatine

By Damir Beciri
24 January 2013

super-gel-1Our life experience has taught us that materials around us melt or turn into vapor when we heat them, but a group of chemists at Radboud University Nijmegen managed to create a super gel which stiffens when it is warmed. Once it is cooled bellow the projected threshold, the gel melts back into the liquid… »

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NIST mini-sensor measures magnetic activity in human brain

By Damir Beciri
19 April 2012

nist-atom-based-magnetic-sensorNational Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) developed a miniature atom-based magnetic sensor that is capable to measure human brain activity at slightly less sensitivity compared to the “gold standard” for such experiments. On the other hand, it does have better portability and it costs less, and it could be used for biomedical applications such… »