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Researchers found a way to direct stem cells by magnets

By Maja Bosanac
16 July 2013

iron-in-cellsCollaboration between researchers at Emory University and Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) resulted in the development of stem cells that can be directed by magnetic fields. Stem cells could soon be intravenous injected into the patient to treat heart diseases and vascular problems. By loading stem cells with superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles (SPIOs), scientists… »


Fluorescent protein from Unagi eel could revolutionize key clinical assay

By Damir Beciri
21 June 2013

glass-eel-picture-1Being high in protein, vitamin A, and calcium, unagi found its way to become culinary delicacy in Japan. This sea-going Japanese freshwater eel seen a worldwide decrease in population, and its research could contribute to its conservation as well as lead to unexpected ways to help save human lives by increasing sensitivity, accuracy and speed… »


Producing biofuels with novel enzyme from wood-borer

By Maja Bosanac
19 June 2013

limnoria-punctataA group of researchers from the United Kingdom, the Energy Department’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), and the University of Kentucky have found and structurally characterized a novel cellulose-degrading enzyme from the marine wood borer Limnoria quadripunctata, commonly known as the gribble. This biomass-degrading enzyme could one day be used to create a more competitive… »

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Festo BionicOpter robot dragonfly

By Damir Beciri
3 April 2013

festo-bionicopter-1After devising systems inspired by penguins, herring gulls and elephant trunk, engineers at Festo devised a new system suitable for their Bionic Learning Network project. Inspired by dragonflies, they developed BionicOpter – an ultra-light system packed with everything needed to mimic the way dragonflies maneuver in all directions, glide without having to beat their wings… »


Using fungi to create more environmentally friendly alternative to some plastics

By Damir Beciri
22 March 2013

fairy-ringFungi, with the exception of mushrooms we find tasty at some point of their lifetime, tend to be something we associate with moldy bread and stench. Fungal colonies composed of mycelia are found in soil and on or within many other substrates. Researchers at Union College are cooperating with Ecovative Design to use mycelia to… »


Nano-machines which recreate principal activities of proteins

By Damir Beciri
16 February 2013

bionic-proteinA group of researchers in Austria have developed nano-machines which are able to mimic principal activities of proteins. Thanks to the Vienna Scientific Cluster (VSC), a high performance computing infrastructure, the researchers presented the first versatile and modular example of a fully artificial protein-mimetic model system. Once perfected, these artificial proteins could make a change… »


Top 5 news and articles regarding bionics in 2012

By Rob Aid
7 January 2013

top-5-2012-bionicsBionics represents the application of biological methods and systems found in nature to the study and design of engineering systems and modern technology. In some cases it is also referred as biomimicry, biomimetics, bio-inspiration, biognosis, and it is close to bionical creativity engineering. Ranging from biomedicine, surgical robots, exoskeletons and artificial tissue, to robots, vehicles,… »

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Silk from the tasar silkworm used as a scaffold for heart tissue

By Damir Beciri
One Comment30 January 2012

mpi-silkworm-disk-heartSince almost all of the body’s own regeneration mechanisms in the heart have become deactivated, a heart attack or other heart damage is serious for patients since the dead cardiac cells are irretrievably lost and scar tissue grows in place of the damaged muscle cells. Max Planck Institute for Heart and Lung Research in Bad… »