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oPAD – origami-inspired paper sensor

By Damir Beciri
10 March 2012

opad-sensor-1Inspired by the paper-folding art of origami, chemists at The University of Texas at Austin have developed origami Paper Analytical Device (oPAD) – a low-cost 3D paper sensor that may be able to test for diseases such as malaria and HIV. It can be produced in less than a minute without any tools or special… »


New biosensors arise from glowing bacteria synchronization research

By Damir Beciri
One Comment19 December 2011

glowing-bacteria-microfluidic-chipBiologists and bioengineers at UC San Diego have created a living neon sign composed of millions of bacterial cells that periodically fluoresce in harmony like blinking light bulbs. By utilizing the same method they used to create the flashing signs, the researchers managed to make a simple bacterial sensor that could be used to detect… »

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Genetically modified yeast cells could be used as biological computers

By Damir Beciri
23 December 2010

genetically-modified-yeast-cellsSynthetic biology is a relatively new area of research that combines biology and technology. Genetically modified cells can be altered in order to communicate with each other as if they were electronic circuits. A group of researchers in Gothenburg has managed to alter yeast cells in to build complex systems that could help the body’s… »