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Brain to brain interface transfers tactile and motor information

By Damir Beciri
3 March 2013

brain-to-brain-communication-1Researchers at the Duke University managed to electronically link the brains of pairs of rats, thus enabling them to communicate directly in order to solve simple behavioral puzzles. Their new test of brain-to-brain interface is even more astounding because they succeeded to link the brains of two animals that were in different parts of the… »


Shelley – self-driving robotic racecar

By Damir Beciri
15 August 2012

shelley-autonomous-carResearchers from Stanford University cooperated with the Volkswagen Electronics Research Lab to develop Shelley – a self-driving Audi TTS that recently managed to reach 193 km/h (120 mph) on a recent track test at Thunderhill Raceway, north of Sacramento, California. The car managed to autonomously get around the course in less than two and a… »

Bionics| Tech»

NIST mini-sensor measures magnetic activity in human brain

By Damir Beciri
19 April 2012

nist-atom-based-magnetic-sensorNational Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) developed a miniature atom-based magnetic sensor that is capable to measure human brain activity at slightly less sensitivity compared to the “gold standard” for such experiments. On the other hand, it does have better portability and it costs less, and it could be used for biomedical applications such… »


Monkeys with Brain Machine Brain Interface move and feel virtual objects

By Damir Beciri
7 October 2011

monkey-uses-bmbiTwo monkeys trained at the Duke University Center for Neuroengineering learned to employ brain activity in order to move an avatar hand and identify the texture of virtual objects. Unlike a research where a monkey used its brain to move a robotic arm, this is a first demonstration of the two-way interaction between a primate… »


A step toward mind reading of the moving images in our brains

By Damir Beciri
4 October 2011

nishimoto-etal-2011-reconstruction-sampleScientists at the University of California, Berkeley, are combining brain imaging and computer simulation in order to read the mind and reconstruct people‚Äôs dynamic visual experiences. They hope that their research this way of “mind reading” will pave the way for future technologies that could reproduce the moving images in our heads, thus bringing our… »