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Novel microfluidic method for bioseparation

By Maja Bosanac
18 September 2013

target-moleculesResearchers at the Brown University have devised a simple new technique that can separate tiny amounts of the target molecules from biological samples by single motion of a magnet under a microchannel. The novel microfluidic method is important and broadly applicable, especially in biological diagnostic platforms that require binding and separation of known target biomolecules,… »

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Thought control of robotic arms using the BrainGate system

By Damir Beciri
One Comment18 May 2012

braingate-1Collaboration between researchers from Brown University, Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), Providence VA Medical Center, as well as researchers from Stanford University who recently joined the project, resulted with the BrainGate project – a project where restorative neurotechnology is connected with externally powered communication systems, environmental control systems, and assistive devices by persons unable to use… »


Biochip enables glucose level measurement from human saliva

By Damir Beciri
26 January 2012

brown-uni-plasmonicsIn order to check their glucose levels, diabetics usually have to draw blood. In order to eliminate the need for this invasive way of glucose level control, engineers at Brown University have designed a biological device that can measure glucose concentrations in human saliva. The technique takes advantage of a convergence of nanotechnology and surface… »


Researchers use nanotechnology to create a nanopatch for the heart

By Damir Beciri
22 May 2011

heart-nanoscaffold-closeupAfter a heart attack, the nerve cells in the heart’s wall and cells that keep the heart beating in perfect synchronicity are lost forever. The best approach would be to figure out how to revive the deadened area, and a group of researchers at the Brown University and the India Institute of Technology Kanpur turned… »

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Patients show progress years after stroke – robot assisted therapy

By Damir Beciri
19 April 2010

brown-university-robot-assisted-therapyTherapists once thought the therapeutic window closed six months after a stroke, however, a major clinical study has found that patients show modest yet meaningful gains in limb movement and an improved outlook on life years after suffering a stroke.  Researchers from Brown University, lead by Albert Lo who is assistant professor of neurology, used… »