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Lockheed Martin’s Samarai Micro Air Vehicle inspired by maple seed

By Damir Beciri
One Comment20 August 2011

lockheed-martin-samarai-uavMost of us had the opportunity to play with maple seed and observe it spiraling down after we throw it. Several groups of engineers around the world have been inspired by maple seed and applied biomimicry to construct small flying machines. Lockheed Martin came up with Samarai which was exhibited at the Association for Unmanned… »


Are robots with knives around humans a good idea?

By Damir Beciri
11 May 2010

sami-haddadin-testing-collision-detection-systemThis article might be interesting for all of our readers concerned about their security around aiding robots.  German researchers performed a series of stabbing, puncturing, and cutting experiments in order to understand the biomechanics of soft-tissue injury as well as to test a robot internal collision-detection system that could prevent or at least minimize injury…. »