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Making fuel from genetically-modified cyanobacteria

By Maja Bosanac
21 March 2013

cyanobacteriaResearchers at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm have succeeded in using genetically modified blue-green algae known as cyanobacteria to produce butanol – a hydrocarbon-like fuel that can be used to power motor vehicles. The interest in butanol as an alternative fuel stems from the fact that it has environmental and efficiency advantages over… »

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Modifying cyanobacteria for better biofuel production

By Damir Beciri
15 January 2013

anne-ruffing-algae-biofuelMicro-algal fuels might be one way to reduce our dependency on fossil fuels, and they could reduce carbon dioxide emissions since they use photosynthesis.  Sandia National Laboratories researcher has engineered two strains of cyanobacteria to produce free fatty acids, a precursor to liquid fuels, but she has also found that the process cuts the bacteria’s… »


Algal protein gives boost to solar hydrogen generation

By Damir Beciri
One Comment22 December 2011

cyanobacteria-pecPhoto-electrochemical cells (PEC) use sunlight to electrochemically split water in order to generate hydrogen in direct manner, and they are usually made of semiconducting materials. Researchers from Switzerland and US used nature as inspiration to optimize the process by developing iron oxide electrodes that are conjugated with a protein from blue-green algae (also known as… »

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Bioengineered algae could be used to produce hydrogen from water

By Rob Aid
3 Comments24 May 2011

mit-hydrogen-producing-algae-1Many kinds of algae and cyanobacteria are capable to use the energy from sunlight in order to produce compounds needed for their own survival, and during that process they split water molecules and release hydrogen, which holds promise as a clean and carbon-free fuel for the future. A group of researchers found a way to… »