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Using injectable nano-network and ultrasound to help diabetics

By Maja Bosanac
1 December 2013

zhen-gu-ultrasound-1Collaboration between researchers at the North Carolina State University (NC State) and the University of North Carolina at Chapel (UNC-Chapel Hill) resulted in development of a novel nanotechnology-based technique for regulating blood sugar in diabetes patients. The technique may give diabetics the ability to maintain healthy blood sugar levels painlessly by means of a small… »


Biochip enables glucose level measurement from human saliva

By Damir Beciri
26 January 2012

brown-uni-plasmonicsIn order to check their glucose levels, diabetics usually have to draw blood. In order to eliminate the need for this invasive way of glucose level control, engineers at Brown University have designed a biological device that can measure glucose concentrations in human saliva. The technique takes advantage of a convergence of nanotechnology and surface… »


MIT’s device allows a non-invasive way to check glucose levels

By Damir Beciri
10 August 2010

mit-researchers-use-raman-machine-to-measure-glucose-levels-1People with diabetes must keep a careful eye on their blood glucose levels, because too much sugar can damage organs, while too little deprives the body of necessary fuel. Most patients must prick their fingers several times a day to draw blood for testing. In one of our previous articles we wrote about hydrogel lenses… »

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Hydrogel lenses could alert the diabetics to eat or take insulin

By Damir Beciri
One Comment24 December 2009

hydrogel-lenses-could-help-diabeticsDiabetics are encountering the unenviable task of checking their blood sugar levels constantly, usually through a repeated ritual of pin-pricks and blood drawing. But a new non-invasive technology developed by a biochemical engineer at the University of Western Ontario lets diabetics check on their glucose levels with contact lenses that change colors as their blood… »