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Cheap and disposable paper strips could be used for chemical analysis

By Rob Aid
25 January 2011

ziaie-paper-for-rapid-medical-diagnostics-and-chemical-analysisCurrent lab-on-a-chip technology is relatively expensive because chips must be specifically designed to perform certain types of chemical analyses, with channels created in glass or plastic and tiny pumps and valves directing the flow of fluids for testing. In order to counter that, the researchers from Perdue University have invented a technique that uses inexpensive… »


iVisit Rx – cellphones help visually impaired people

By Damir Beciri
28 May 2009

ivisit-seescan.jpgiVisit is a Santa Monica based technology company focused on delivering high fidelity unified communication and collaboration solutions for the consumer, enterprise, and healthcare markets. Their product iVisit Rx telemedicine platform won first place in the Fourth Annual CTIA Emerging Technologies (E-Tech) Awards in the Healthcare category. They presented several projects which help in telemedicine… »