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Super-fast book scanner digitizes a book within minutes

By Damir Beciri
2 Comments19 March 2010

book-flipping-scanningScanning a book manually, page by page, is a slow, mind-numbing task. In order to solve this problem, Professor Masatoshi Ishikawa from the University of Tokyo (we also wrote about his baseball robot), and his lab members Takashi Nakashima and Yoshihiro Watanabe, created a super-fast book scanner. The system lets you scan a book by… »


Digitizing vinyl records – DP-200USB

By Damir Beciri
One Comment15 April 2009

denon-usb-turntable.jpgAre you an audiophile who still owns a vast collection of vinyl records? Now you can easily digitize and store your record library onto USB memory simply by inserting your USB memory stick into the USB port on the front, press the Start and Record buttons, and the DP-200USB converts your record into digital files…. »