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Improving hydrogen production with copper nanowires

By Maja Bosanac
One Comment24 November 2013

copper-nanowire-catalyst-1A group of researchers at the Duke University have managed to devise a novel water splitting system that can produce storable hydrogen fuel. The system uses copper nanowires, fused in a see-through film, which can split water molecules using the power of sunlight. These nanowires offer an efficient and low cost method for solar energy… »


Improving hydrogen production with a bit of rust

By Damir Beciri
24 May 2013

duke-hydrogen-productionWhile hydrogen can be found nearly everywhere in the environment and it can be used to produce power, producing and collecting molecular hydrogen with current methods isn’t competitive with other sources of energy. Duke University engineers have developed a novel method for producing clean hydrogen, which could prove essential to weaning society off of fossil… »

Bionics| Tech»

Brain to brain interface transfers tactile and motor information

By Damir Beciri
3 March 2013

brain-to-brain-communication-1Researchers at the Duke University managed to electronically link the brains of pairs of rats, thus enabling them to communicate directly in order to solve simple behavioral puzzles. Their new test of brain-to-brain interface is even more astounding because they succeeded to link the brains of two animals that were in different parts of the… »


Unidirectional invisibility cloak for microwaves gets improved

By Damir Beciri
15 November 2012

landy-microwave-invisibility-cloakDuke University’s Pratt School of Engineering researchers perfected an old research related to their “invisibility cloak” by incorporating a modification to the device’s design. Although the new design still functions in one plain (it is unidirectional), it solves one of the major flaws of the original device. These new improvements could be used to change… »


Monkeys with Brain Machine Brain Interface move and feel virtual objects

By Damir Beciri
7 October 2011

monkey-uses-bmbiTwo monkeys trained at the Duke University Center for Neuroengineering learned to employ brain activity in order to move an avatar hand and identify the texture of virtual objects. Unlike a research where a monkey used its brain to move a robotic arm, this is a first demonstration of the two-way interaction between a primate… »