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Modified E. coli makes diesel on demand

By Maja Bosanac
23 April 2013

bacteria-can-produce-diesel-on-demandCollaboration between researchers at the University of Exeter and the researchers at the Shell Projects & Technology resulted with the development of a new technology for modifying certain strains of E. coli bacteria to produce diesel when needed. Although produced diesel is substantially similar to conventional diesel fuel, the method still confronts many challenges before… »

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Using modified E. coli to create succinic acid from soybean meal

By Damir Beciri
23 December 2012

rice-soybean-teamAccording to the ancient Chinese myth, in year 2853 before the common era, the legendary Emperor Shennong of China proclaimed that soybeans are one out of five sacred plants, and it is estimated that soybeans were a crucial crop in eastern Asia even before the written records. Aside its growing worldwide utilization in food industry,… »


New biosensors arise from glowing bacteria synchronization research

By Damir Beciri
One Comment19 December 2011

glowing-bacteria-microfluidic-chipBiologists and bioengineers at UC San Diego have created a living neon sign composed of millions of bacterial cells that periodically fluoresce in harmony like blinking light bulbs. By utilizing the same method they used to create the flashing signs, the researchers managed to make a simple bacterial sensor that could be used to detect… »