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Research breakthrough may lead to disposable e-readers

By Damir Beciri
23 November 2010

andrew-stecklA discovery by University of Cincinnati researchers could revolutionize display technology with e-paper that’s fast enough for video yet cheap enough to be disposable. In their research, Andrew Steckl and UC doctoral student Duk Young Kim demonstrated that paper could be used as a flexible host material for an electrowetting (EW) device. EW involves applying… »


LG unveiled their newspaper-size flexible e-paper

By Damir Beciri
One Comment19 January 2010

lgd-flexible-e-paperLG Display has announced the development of a newspaper-size flexible e-paper. Despite the fact the market is becoming overwhelmed with tablets coming from various big companies, the folks from LG won’t give up the fight for a different concept which resembles common newspapers rather than easily-portable touchscreen displays. What makes this e-paper special compared to… »


Electrofluidic Display technology – visual brilliance as in conventional printed media

By Damir Beciri
3 May 2009

efd-pixels.pngAre you thinking about getting an e-reader but you’re not a fan of reading from a dimmed screen? A new technology called Electrofluidic Display (EFD) technology is going to change your mind. EFD is a product of an international collaboration of the University of Cincinnati, Sun Chemical, Polymer Vision and Gamma Dynamics. It’s the first… »