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The emotional computer – future of human-robot interaction

By Damir Beciri
One Comment24 December 2010

professor-peter-robinson-and-a-robotic-head-modeled-on-charles-babbageThere is no doubt that future computers and robots need to understand us better in order to make the interaction with them more pleasant and productive. Some examples we already wrote about are Kismet robot from MIT, or FEELIX GROWING project based on Aldebaran robot Nao platform. A team of researcher from the University of… »


Robots that develop emotions in interaction with humans

By Damir Beciri
13 August 2010

robot-nao-and-dr-lola-canameroThe first prototype robots capable of developing emotions as they interact with their human caregivers and expressing a whole range of emotions have been finalized by researchers. Led by Dr. Lola Cañamero at the University of Hertfordshire, and in collaboration with a consortium of universities and robotic companies across Europe, these robots differ from others… »

Gadgets| Tech»

iFeel_IM! adds physical hugs to your virtual conversation

By Damir Beciri
One Comment5 April 2010

ifeel_imWheatear you use instant messaging to keep in touch with people you love or cooperate, or use it to keep the pesky people at distance you had to be introduced to the emoticons or smileys. A husband-and-wife team of scientists based in Japan felt emoticons weren’t enough for people to express and came up with… »