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Virus-templated fabrication of piezoelectric nanogenerators

By Maja Bosanac
8 December 2013

kaist-virus-nanogenerator-1A group of researchers at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) has synthesized a nanogenerator – a flexible piezoelectric energy harvesting device based on biological templates. The biotemplated nanogenerator is low cost and it can be self-powered by simple finger movements that could be used to power small commercial LCD screens and… »

Featured| Tech»

Improving hydrogen production with copper nanowires

By Maja Bosanac
One Comment24 November 2013

copper-nanowire-catalyst-1A group of researchers at the Duke University have managed to devise a novel water splitting system that can produce storable hydrogen fuel. The system uses copper nanowires, fused in a see-through film, which can split water molecules using the power of sunlight. These nanowires offer an efficient and low cost method for solar energy… »


Aluminum studs make solar panels up to 22 percent more efficient

By Maja Bosanac
28 October 2013

aluminum-studs-solar-panels-1A team of researchers at the Imperial College London and their international collaborators in Belgium, China and Japan have demonstrated that the efficiency of all solar panel designs could be improved by up to 22 percent by covering their surface with aluminum studs that bend and trap light inside the absorbing layer. Solar panels covered… »

Gadgets| Tech»

Paper Generators – low-tech and inexpensive way to harvest energy from friction

By Damir Beciri
9 October 2013

paper-generator-1Researchers at Disney Research, Pittsburgh and at Carnegie Mellon University recently presented a simple system that could be used to harvest power of different gestures performed onto a paper surface. Named Paper Generator, the system exploits gestures such as tapping, touching, rubbing or sliding friction in order to run simple interactive applications involving books, posters… »