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Architecture| Featured»

Green architecture – Junction House, Melbourne

By Damir Beciri
3 Comments29 November 2013

junction-house-melbourne-1Situated in west Melbourne, the Junction House project required town planning due to the small lot size and its narrow northern frontage site. To overcome these issues, the architects decided to raise both the living areas and the mass of the building up. Aside being cleverly built, the house features various sustainable solutions which make… »


Small Eco Houses – Guinnard houses at Les Paccots, Switzerland

By Sonja Raca
15 July 2013

les-paccots-minergie-p-eco-house-1Two family houses owned by Guinnard family at Les Paccots in Switzerland belong to new generation of ecological projects with Minergie-P-Eco certification. Acquiring this certification is very demanding, and there were less than 350 objects in Switzerland that got this certificate until 2012. Unlike Swiss Society of Engineers and Architects standards, Minergie-P-Eco requires 40 percent… »


SONTE Film – digital shade for your home and office

By Damir Beciri
17 June 2013

sonte-film-compareYou’ve seen it in sci-fi movies, as well as in some fancy offices and bars, but dimming windows with a flip of a switch has been kept away from most of us. SONTE Film is the first ever Wi-Fi enabled digital shade that instantly switches windows from opaque to clear in less than a second…. »

Architecture| Tech»

Using math tools to improve energy efficiency of courtyards

By Damir Beciri
17 October 2012

mediterranean-courtyard-math-tool-1While some may wonder how our ancestors managed to realize similar solutions in architecture throughout the different cultures around the world, researchers from the University of Seville (Spain) propose that climate played a major role in that process. They also used mathematical tools to reveal the phenomenon that the temperature inside the typical Mediterranean courtyard… »


Green architecture – Manitoba Hydro Place

By Damir Beciri
27 May 2012

manitoba-hydro-place-1Located at 360 Portage Avenue, downtown Winnipeg, the Manitoba Hydro Place is the first and only large office tower in Canada to date to receive the LEED Platinum certification from the Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC). The building serves as a great example of climate responsive, energy efficient and sustainable design while enhancing and improving… »

Bionics| Tech»

Insect silk research could lead to improved fiber production

By Damir Beciri
4 Comments27 November 2011

silkworm-cocoonA combined team of researchers from the Oxford University and University of Sheffield used a novel method to analyze the energy used in the formation of fibers in natural silk and synthetic materials in order to demonstrate that natural unspun silks taken from a silkworm are a thousand times more efficient than common plastics when… »


New controllable infrared coating for windows developed

By Damir Beciri
10 September 2011

berkeley-lab-milleron-groupResearchers from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) have unveiled a semiconductor nanocrystal coating material capable to control the amount of solar heat while remaining transparent. The technology is the first to selectively control the amount of near infrared radiation and it is based on electrochromic materials (which use… »

Gadgets| Tech»

Cisco Universal Power Over Ethernet demonstrated on Samsung NC220

By Damir Beciri
25 July 2011

cisco-upoe-on-samsung-nc220Last week at Cisco Live in Las Vegas, Samsung unveiled the world’s first zero client monitor which uses Cisco Universal Power Over Ethernet (UPOE) technology. Cisco UPOE powers and connects individual monitors via the network to a “virtualized” central server that executes all tasks and applications, offering businesses a flexible and convenient cloud computing alternative… »