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Using fungi to create more environmentally friendly alternative to some plastics

By Damir Beciri
22 March 2013

fairy-ringFungi, with the exception of mushrooms we find tasty at some point of their lifetime, tend to be something we associate with moldy bread and stench. Fungal colonies composed of mycelia are found in soil and on or within many other substrates. Researchers at Union College are cooperating with Ecovative Design to use mycelia to… »

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Green architecture – Log Home in Government Camp, Oregon

By Damir Beciri
22 December 2009

leedcertified-precisioncraftloghomes2You don’t have to build something huge in order to get your project noticed and even earn LEED Platinum certificate. For Mark and Crystal Ryan, building their dream mountain house was synonymous with building what is commonly referred to as a “green” home. This Oregon couple turned to award-winning Mountain Architects and PrecisionCraft Log & Timber… »


Make your business cards environmentally friendly and memorable

By Damir Beciri
24 October 2009

naturalmedium-1As much as we like to think that things like business cards are no longer important in our digital world, the fact is that they are still a very valuable tool for anyone in business. However, as most of the old objects find their more contemporary successors today,  the business cards found their new way… »


Eco-friendly way to create more durable wood – kebonization

By Damir Beciri
23 September 2009

kebony1General interest in form and color is growing, as is our desire to add a personal touch to the structures we build. We don’t want to spend all our time and resources on maintaining a house or cabin. And our awareness of environmental and climate issues is on the increase. Since we’re going to cover… »