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Robo Raven successfully performs bird-like flight

By Damir Beciri
4 May 2013

university-of-maryland-robo-ravenResearchers at the University of Maryland have developed and demonstrated a new flying robot which flaps its wings completely independently of each other. Dubbed Robo Raven, the robot can be programmed to perform any desired motion, enabling the bird to perform aerobatic maneuvers. This is the first time a robotic bird with these capabilities has… »

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Wing-assisted running robot DASH+Wings offers implications for avian flight evolution

By Damir Beciri
20 October 2011

dashwings-1Remaining stable while going over obstacles is fairly tricky for small robots, so the researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, fixed a small robot dubbed DASH (Dynamic Autonomous Sprawled Hexapod) with lateral and tail wings borrowed from a store-bought toy to see if that would help. Although the wings haven’t enabled the robot to… »