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Virtual Development and Training-Platform for production facilities

By Damir Beciri
3 July 2012

fraunhofer-iff-virtual-reality-plantsWe recently published an article about Canon’s vision of augmented reality which can be used during the design process, and in this article we’re going to write about idea which emerged from cooperation between Fraunhofer Institute and BASF SE who are jointly developing virtual reality (VR) software which could be used to plan and test… »

Robotics| Tech»

Virtual protective barriers could increase safety around industrial robots

By Damir Beciri
9 July 2011

fraunhofer-iff-safetyAutomated helpers in industry today are usually enclosed by protective barriers. Industrial safety regulations permit contact between people and robots only under certain conditions, since the risk of injury to humans is too great. In order to allow safer collaboration, researchers at Fraunhofer-Gesellschaf are developing a projection and camera-based system able to prevent potential collisions… »