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RightingBot landing ability inspired by lizards

By Damir Beciri
30 June 2012

rightingbotInspired by lizards, which have the ability to turn right side up and land on their feet when they fall, the researchers from the University of California, Berkeley, developed a robot able to mimic that ability. Named RightingBot, the lizard-inspired robot mimics lizards which swing their large tails one way to rotate their body the… »


Understanding self cleaning abilities of gecko’s foot hair

By Damir Beciri
21 June 2012

geckoWe already published several articles about gecko biomimicry, whose feet and their adhesive properties inspired researchers to develop similar surfaces, as well as a mass production technique to create the surface. Although it addresses the same subject, this article describes recently published results from University of Akron (UA) where researchers examined self-cleaning and reusability of… »

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TBCP-II robot uses gecko tape coated belts to climb smooth surfaces

By Damir Beciri
31 October 2011

tbcp-ii-robotDrawing inspiration from the gecko, researchers from the Simon Fraser University (SFU) have been able to create adhesives that carefully mimic the toe pads of the lizard that give it the amazing ability to climb smooth vertical surfaces. They used those adhesives on belts used by Timeless Belt Climbing Platform (TBCP-II) – a tank-like robot… »

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Simple templating technology allows stamping of biomimetic gecko toes

By Damir Beciri
2 Comments6 September 2011

geckoThe adhesive surface of gecko’s toes has inspired many research groups to try to mimic this ability in an artificial material. Researchers at the A*STAR Institute of Materials Research and Engineering and co-workers at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore claim that they came up with the closest biomimicry yet, and that their synthetic gecko toe… »


Geckos biomimicry used for new method in electronics printing

By Damir Beciri
One Comment23 September 2010

geckoInspired by geckos, a team of engineers has developed a reversible adhesion method for printing electronics on a variety of tricky surfaces such as clothes, plastic and leather. Researchers from Northwestern University and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign designed a  square polymer stamp that allows them to vary its adhesion strength. The stamp can… »

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Stickybot gecko-like robot climbs vertical surfaces

By Damir Beciri
One Comment1 September 2010

stickybot-geckorobot-climbing-a-windowGecko’s foot ability to stick to many surfaces, including glass, has been inspiring scientists to mimic that ability in other to make dry adhesive materials and robots able to walk up various materials. A group of scientists from Stanford University are developing such a robot which is fittingly named Stickybot. They are already working on… »