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Bioinspired gel with helical polymers acts opposite to gelatine

By Damir Beciri
24 January 2013

super-gel-1Our life experience has taught us that materials around us melt or turn into vapor when we heat them, but a group of chemists at Radboud University Nijmegen managed to create a super gel which stiffens when it is warmed. Once it is cooled bellow the projected threshold, the gel melts back into the liquid… »


Synthetic material rebuilds itself through chemical communication

By Damir Beciri
12 January 2013

bz-gel-self-assemblyUniversity of Pittsburgh (Pitt) researchers have found that self-moving gels can be used to enable the synthetic materials to “act alive” and mimic primitive biological communication. They managed to demonstrate that a synthetic system that can both emit and sense a chemical signal, and when the ability of chemical communication is combined with interaction with… »

Bionics| Tech»

Injectable shape-memory sponge delivers drugs, cells, and structure

By Damir Beciri
25 November 2012

seas-injectable-sponge-1Harvard University researchers have developed a biocompatible sponge made out of a gel-based material that can be molded into any shape and compressed to a small fraction of its size. This ability allows it to be delivered via injection and restore its original shape and size while gradually releases its cargo. Since it is biocompatible… »