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Using paper to generate electrically conducting structures

By Damir Beciri
16 May 2013

paper-electronicsResearchers at the Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces in Potsdam-Golm have created targeted conductive structures on paper. Their method relies on conventional inkjet printer which prints a catalyst on a sheet of paper. After getting heated, the printed areas on the paper get converted into conductive graphite. Being an inexpensive, light and flexible… »


Laser etched graphite oxide sheets can be used as supercapacitors

By Damir Beciri
5 August 2011

rice-university-go-supercapacitor-teamA team of researchers from Rice University discovered they could transform a sheet of graphite oxide (GO) into a functional supercapacitor by writing patterns into it with a laser. By writing patterns of RGO into thin sheets of GO, the Rice researchers effectively turned them into free-standing supercapacitors with the ability to store and release… »


Graphene paper – thin as paper and ten times stronger than steel

By Rob Aid
One Comment24 April 2011

flexible-graphene-paper-ali-r-ranjbartoreh-in-the-labUniversity of Technology Sydney (UTS) researchers have developed a composite material based on graphite called graphene paper (GP), and it is thin as paper and ten times stronger than steel. Researchers at UTS have successfully milled the raw graphite by purifying and filtering it with chemicals to reshape and reform it into nano-structured configurations which… »