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RealFiction’s Dreamoc 3D display mimics holography

By Damir Beciri
2 Comments29 April 2010

realfiction-dreamocWe may not have true holographic displays for several years yet, but in the meantime, there are plenty developers around the world willing to provide us with something that gives the appearance of those. In our previous articles we already wrote about few solutions, and in this article we’re going to describe Dreamoc – a… »


Tangible holography – Airborne Ultrasound Tactile Display

By Rob Aid
2 Comments6 August 2009

tokyouniversity-holography-2009Mid-air displays which project floating images in free space have been seen in SF movies for several decades. We wrote about technologies that contribute to the development of holograms (regarding data storage and potential interfaces that could be developed for usage with holographic technology) in our previous articles. Recently, they are attracting a lot of… »