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Colloidal Display – a soap bubble transparent display

By Damir Beciri
One Comment2 July 2012

colloidal-displayMany research groups around the world are developing new ways to present media and improve information interaction, ranging from images projected onto fog to various solutions regarding holography, but an international team of researchers managed to produce Colloidal Display – a display that uses ultrasonic sound waves to alter soap film’s properties in order to… »


Using surface plasmons to create full-color holograms

By Damir Beciri
25 March 2012

riken-hologram-1Unlike various visions of hologram application described in sci-fi tales, currently used technology used to show holograms usually allows projection of a red or blue stereoscopic. Notable progress in nanotechnology in recent years led to advances research on surface plasmons which allowed a group of researchers from RIKEN institute to develop a novel holography principle… »


Zebra Imaging digital prints provide eyewear free 3D images

By Damir Beciri
One Comment8 December 2010

zebra-imaging-holographic-digital-printsWe already wrote many articles regarding 3D image reproduction such as 3D displays, physical 3D pixels, and various ways to simulate holography as well as the real photography stored in 3D, and in this article we’re going to write about holographic digital prints from Zebra Imaging, a company founded in 1996 by graduates of the… »


Researchers made progress in holographic image animation

By Damir Beciri
5 November 2010

nasser-peyghambarian-holographic-imageA team from University of Arizona College of Optical Sciences, led by professor Nasser Peyghambarian, developed a new type of holographic telepresence that allows the projection of a three-dimensional, moving image without the need for special eyewear such as 3D glasses or other auxiliary devices. The technology is likely to take applications ranging from telemedicine,… »


Tangible holography – Airborne Ultrasound Tactile Display

By Rob Aid
2 Comments6 August 2009

tokyouniversity-holography-2009Mid-air displays which project floating images in free space have been seen in SF movies for several decades. We wrote about technologies that contribute to the development of holograms (regarding data storage and potential interfaces that could be developed for usage with holographic technology) in our previous articles. Recently, they are attracting a lot of… »