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Fraunhofer FIT’s 3D gestural information interaction system

By Damir Beciri
22 July 2010

fraunhofer-fit-3d-gesture-systemScientists at Fraunhofer FIT have developed a non-contact gesture and finger recognition system that could be used as a future information interaction system. The novel system detects hand and finger positions in real-time and translates these into appropriate interaction commands. Unlike most of the systems we described before, this system does not require special gloves… »

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Robot being developed to inspect the aging power lines

By Damir Beciri
5 Comments13 June 2010

power-line-robot-crawlersResearchers at the Electric Power Research Institute, an independent nonprofit research organization for the utility sector, have designed a prototype of robot which will be used to inspect the power lines. Current way power lines are being monitored (in larger countries) is by helicopter which gathers data about warmth of the lines. This automated way… »